Football stadium in Gdańsk - we can say one thing about this facility: the most beautiful and largest facility implemented by Griz. We carried out the entrusted tasks at the Gdańsk stadium for 18 months. At the culmination of the implementation, more than 120 employees worked for us, as well as our team of designers and several supervisory staff. We carried out tasks commissioned as part of the second and third stage of construction on the facility.

As part of the second stage of construction, we made systems such as the Fire Detection System, consisting of 6 fire panels, 1956 sensors and fire buttons and 750 control modules. For easy operation of such an extensive fire system, we made our own interactive visualization of the entire system on the stand

Stadion w Gdańsku
Stadion w Gdańsku


Galeria Bałtycka in Gdańsk - implementation of security systems. During the construction of Galeria Bałtycka, Griz made one of the largest in Poland and the most complex in terms of the control matrix, Fire Detection System, consisting of 11 fire panels, 2468 fire detectors and buttons, and 156 control modules. When programming the fire system for the implementation of the facility evacuation scenario, our programmers created software consisting of over a thousand lines of code. The logic of the fire system operation is one of the most difficult that has been written in Poland to this day. It should be emphasized that the Polish fire regulations are one of the most stringent in the world.

The innovative element used for those years was the protection of the space between the ceilings, a system of piping for sucking in and testing the composition of the air - Wagner. In the facility, we also built the Voice Alarm System, consisting of 62 amplifiers and 1,300 fire loudspeakers, the Alarm and Access Control System, consisting of 320 elements, and the Industrial Television System, consisting of 110 cameras.

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